Authorizations of Bailiffs

According to the enforcement procedure, the bailiff of private law in the procedure of appointment and the person responsible for the execution of these authorizations:

execution order order and executes the execution in accordance with its authorizations;
accepts and acts according to the proposals for the request and the proposal to request, as well as the assignment of the request for their crediting if there is no request;
submit orders, acts, and papers;
identify parties and interventions in the enforcement procedure;
collect related to the debtor’s property status;
issue, compile minutes, requests and other official in accordance with the authorizations and conclusions with this law;
carry out the registration, execution of property, sequestration and sale of movable and immovable property;
to preserve the registered and stable property of the debtor, to order the transfer of ownership and to carry out the division of the property and other monetary assets realized with the sale of the property;
carry out relocation and other enforcement actions for enforcement purposes in accordance with the law and bylaws;
at the request of the debtor or creditor, the private bailiff mediates between them for the purposes of its data;
to receive and transfer cash in accordance with this law;
keep evidence of cases in which he acts in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry;
accused with others as provided by this law issued we have the law.