Audit Council

The Audit Council has three (3) members, with a term of three (3) years. 

Audit Council from: 

  1.     Ilmi Miftaraj, Chairman 
  1.     Valdrin Beka – Member, 
  1.     Ilir Mulhaxha – Member, 

The Audit Council audits the legality of the work and financial business of the Chamber. 

The Audit Council is accountable for its activity to the Assembly of the Chamber. 

When the Audit Council finds a violation of the statute, bylaws or decisions of the Assembly of the Chamber, it compiles a report and submits it to the Executive Board or the Assembly of the Chamber. 

Council for the Control of Competencies and Authorizations of Law and this Statute. 

All bodies of the Chamber are obliged to provide the Council with the conditions to link with the control exercises. 

The Council is obliged to submit a report to itself, on the actions of the Statute and other acts of the Chamber as well as on materials and expenditures once a year, when approving various reports and programs for the previous year and the account. final of the Chamber.  

The members of the Council, from among themselves, elect the chairman of the Council who convenes and chairs the meetings of the Council. 

Minutes kept for the control exercised or the meeting of the Council. The minutes are signed by all members of the Council. 

The members of the Council may not all be at the same time the other members of the Chamber, the body with the Assembly. 

In the opinion of the chairman of the Council, other persons also participate in the meetings of the Council. 

The other council may perform other tasks entrusted to it in this Statute, which are entrusted to it by the Assembly of the Chamber.